Helping our clients achieve growth is our priority. Based on our winning mix of technology and business expertise in IoT, Smart Cities and Smart Utilities we work with our clients on one, two, three or all four following pillars.


We challenge your business strategy & assist you in implementing:

  • New offers and business models;

  • Value proposition & marketing messaging;

  • Go to market strategy;

  • Sales channels & marketing ecosystems.


Product Roadmap Advisory

We help you identify product weaknesses and propose a reasonable action plan to make it a market success. We also specify new products, applications and services to expand your IoT business. 

Business Development

We leverage our network of contacts and partners to help you select the right go-to-market channels and optimize your sales efforts while expanding your market reach at reasonable costs. Our efforts include introducing you to the industry major international players and help you close key contracts that are essential to your growth.

Digital Marketing Strategy

We help you produce meaningful content on digital media raise your brand awareness in the Industry and identify, connect, share content and engage directly with potential buyers on digital media as afirst step of a business development approach.

Smart City Strategy

We provide strategic advisory to help you define a vision and integrate your smart city and smart utility technology deployments in a long-term strategy to respond to your immediate operations’ challenges and community’s needs and position you for future success. All our strategic recommendations are tailored to your city or utility economic and legal context.

Tenders specifications

We help you draft a tender document for your smart city and smart utility solutions procurement that matches the specifications of the most advanced project’s in the world while still corresponding clearly to your specific needs.


Executive Search

Finding the right talents in IoT, Smart Cities and Smart Utilities is an incredible challenge. There is a lack of qualified professionals at all levels and they are very sought-after and selective when making career moves.


To attract the best candidates that will ensure your future successes, we leverage our network of technical and business professionals in more than 20 countries. Unlike traditional executive search firms, we truly understand your business and therefore the skills set and culture fit you need to grow it. In fact, we worked in the past with many of our candidates and can certify their accomplishments, their level of IoT & Smart City expertise and fit for the role. In addition, we use scientifically proven behavioral and cognitive assessments to predict their on-the-job success.


Talent Acquisition is no longer just about hiring for the open position. It is about hiring the right person for the right position, anticipating what your business will need and analyzing how to empower and advance existing talents. The role is increasingly data driven.


Talent & Organizations Optimization

Capitalizing on behavorial assessment tools and our consultant experience in managing tech organisations Optimization we help you structure your teams based on business objectibes, competency requirements and individual workplace behavior to optimize the performance of your talents and your organisation.Helping you define you the right organization is critical to your business success. You will also need to maximize the relationship between individuals. We use proven methodologies to enable you to understand better your team members workplace behaviors and enable them get to know better their colleagues and hence maximize the team’s dynamic and the company’s performance.

Talent Club

Leveraging on our Industry footprint and large networks, we are building the first IoT & Smart City Global Talent Club that enables us to develop and interact with a unique talent community, supporting your career growth and providing you unique insights into our Industry.
The Kurrant Talent Club is also offering a platform for Employer branding, giving our Clients direct access to highly qualified IoT & Smart City candidates located all over the world and enabling us to strategically share our Clients’ exclusive job offers.
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